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Why do the Items in My Cart keep disappearing ?

Why do the Items in my Shopping Cart Keep Disappearing ?

If you are using the Microsoft Windows 8.1 default Web Brower known as Internet Explorer 11 then the reason is to do with incompatibilities between the Web Browser and the Adobe Business Catalyst Middleware (BC) that the Knitsley ecommerce site has been built upon.

A recent upgrade of the BC middleware platform has been undertaken in order to improve and modernise the facilities that it provides going forward in order to offer a more advanced framework for developing Web & ecommerce sites. It will take a period of time for this upgrade to stabilise at the end of which any bugs and incompatibilities will have been resolved.

Unfortunately this upgrade has temporarily resulted in an incompatibility between BC and Internet Explorer (IE) 11 running on Windows 8.1 where items are loaded into the web shopping chart ready for payment. The incompatibility manifests itself in that items in the shopping cart can disappear at the point the shopper goes to the view the cart and tries to progress into ordering and payment of the items. This effectively prevent orders from being placed.    

Resolutions to this Issue

There are three possible steps for resolving this issue in a manner that allows an order to be placed.

Options 1 & 2 Involve installing a different (free) Web Browser onto your computer that works correctly with the BC platform. 
1) Google Chrome 

(Install for free from: )

Many people have found this to be a very good alternative to IE it being faster, more stable and developed/backed by Google itself.  Currently over 50% of the people who visit the Knitsley web site do so using the Google Chrome browser on a windows based computer. It is also the pre-installed browser on all Android powered Tablets and Smart phones and is under continued development and well supported. It also integrates very well with the free Google email (gmail) and Google docs (office documents) services. 
2) Mozilla Firefox

(Install for free from: )

A good open source alternative is the Mozilla Firefox web browser which offer cross platform support for Windows, Linux, Apple Mac and Android operating system based computers and tablets. Firefox (12%) is the next most popular web browser for accessing the Knitsley web site compared to Chrome (50%) and IE (30%). It is generally the browser of choice for people running Linux and Unix operating system based computers but works equally well on Windows based PC computers. It is also under constant development and well supported.

3) Temporary Work Around
If you still wish to stick with Internet Explorer (IE) after considering the options above then it wil be necessary for you to learn how to clear the cookie file cache on Internet Explorer so temporarily resetting the incompatibility in order to enable an order to be placed without any issues. Please note that a downside of this is that it also clear Usernames and Passwords you may have saved/remembered for other sites. 

For further information on how to do this Google "Clearing Cached files on Internet Explorer".



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