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farm butchery


Click below to download our Specialty Sausage leaflet :

The farm butchery is the heart of our business, and the basis for many aspects of the shop and cafe. All the livestock that the farm produces is utilised by the butchery. Demand has now outstripped what our small family farm can provide, particularly in relation to beef, so we now also support other local farmers to meet this demand. Edward personally selects the animals on the hoof and then they are taken in small numbers to our local abattoir.

The carcasses are returned to our onsite hanging facility for a minimum of 21 days for beef and a minimum of 1 week for lamb. All the carcasses are then broken down by our skilled team of master butchers, and presented for sale in an ever increasing array of products and home produced specialties.

All of the meat used in the dishes freshly prepared for our Granary Cafe are provided by the butchery department, including our delicious pies, sausages and our wonderful corned beef.


High quality beef, lamb and traditional rare breed pork. Award-winning bacon, sausage and our own cured gammons and hams. A selection of cooked meats available on the deli including homemade corned beef, cured ox tongue, sliced beef, and many more!


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