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Knitsley Online Ordering System

  • You may browse the products available in each section by clicking the white check box to the left of each section heading which will open up a section table that displays section products available to order. 

  • Clicking on any product line will cause an Order Line Form to display where you may enter the quantity of product you require in units of 100g, Kg or Each. You also have the option to add Special Requirements to the product order line.

  • Clicking the ADD item button on the Order Line Form returns you to the table where your ordered quantity and requirements will be show in the product's line along with a line item Guide Price where items are sold loose by weight.

  • To update the line quantity again click on the line and then alter the quantity in the Order Line Form and click the UPDATE button. This will update the line item values. 

  • Clicking the CANCEL button on the order line form removes the item from the order by clearing its line values in its section product list table.

  • Click the REVIEW ORDER button to see your full order displayed in one list.

  • Item Quantities & requirements can be altered directly by clicking the displayed Order quantity once more and changing the values in the Order Line Form that appears.

  • Click the MODIFY ORDER button if you need to add any more any items to your order and this will  re-display the section headings again to enable you to do this.

  • Please enter your Customer Order Details in full before submitting you order.

  • Click the SUBMIT ORDER button to complete your order and send it through to Knitsley Farm shop. You will receive a conformation copy of your order by email .

  • A  team member will contact you to arrange payment and a collection date & time.

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